Sunday, 7 April 2013

Good luck auntie!

Yesterday morning I got a package in the post.....
It was these lovely high waisted shorts , that I won the week earlier on ebay. I was quite chuffed. With myself after winning them, because they , including p&p. Came to £3 :)
What could be bad,  said age 14 on the label and originally from newlook generation,  but they where massive.  I was actually expecting. Them to be too tight seeing as I haven't done much exercise,  or even movement in the past week.  But I don't think these would have fit me any better when I was 14. They are also a stretch type of material so I think they could actually fit a size 10-12much better depending on there height.
But I can't stay mad with these shorts,  when they are such an amazing lilac and light pink colour.  Perfect for the pastel spring 'trend' :)

Forgetting about the shorts for a moment I would like to give a good luck shout out to my amazing auntie. She is running an exhausting 26 miles , in the Paris marathon today. There is around 40,000 people from all over the globe competing. I wish her all the best and a safe journey.

Here's a picture of her from last month visiting.  Here style is so bright and groovy :)

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  1. I love your shorts, they're amazing! Nice blog, dear! (: