Sunday, 31 March 2013

Enjoy your easter while it lasts....


Because I'm still at school ,from Thursday until Monday 2 weeks time, I'm on end of term holiday. I know lucky me eh :)
well that's what I thought until I remembered how easily I become bored and go over meaningless things a thousand times over in my head until I often question foundations of reality and my mere existence.

So then depressing,  weird,  loner Chloe aside I think to myself what makes me happy.  Of course the answer to this question was music 'fashion' , food,  sleeping ... Oh yeah and TV .

I have literally been screen hooked to bloggs over the weekend,  eating multiple ( on Saturday 3 in a row :/ )bowls of porridge, and coming up with some great new post ideas. So watch this space over the next few days . :)

Some pictures of the meals  I have been in enjoying lately :

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The mornings never seem to be as good as the evenings.  And this applied with me today.  I hate waking up seeing that it's not light outside, the thought of having  to go through another dull and mentally draining  day.

But after cheerleading today I was quite content over getting are routine correct several times.  wishes do come true, my mother must be on the same psychic level as myself , she made chocolate cake ;) . I'm super happy now ,because to complete my day I watched perks of being a wallflower .

Do you like my tumblr favourites collage?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hello again...

It's been a weird kind of month , eg end of February-march . After being ill almost every week and not really making an effort to catch up with school work or with my blog,  so I'm really sorry there but i do have some late post that I will put up later.

Yesterday I went to town with Rachel and we both picket up some great finds from charity shops.  I'm actually in love with save the children now,  because I got a great new suede jacket for only £3!

And also this lovely sheer pastel pink vest top.

My family and I are going to the ideal home show today ,this is what I wore.