Monday, 11 February 2013

I had a great time ..

Heyya ,

so on Friday it was my lovely friend Lucie's birthday . We went to see les miserables the cinema , it was such a great musical . thought there was some points in wicth the policeman  character ,Javert , kept  singing and singing for ages about what is right and wrong , it dragged on for ages , but overall it was a really moving film . And most of my friends where reduced to tears.

Still of Aaron Tveit in Les Misérables Still of Russell Crowe in Les MisérablesStill of Hugh Jackman in Les MisérablesStill of Samantha Barks in Les MisérablesStill of Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks in Les MisérablesStill of Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables                  

on Saturday i went shopping with my friends in town , i picked up a few great bargins .like a coat from a charity shop for £4 . its really cute , and looks like a mini version of my friend rachels coat , only downside is that some of the buttons are missing , and th eobes still attached are in quite a shabby condition .
In clares accesories u picked up a little purse for £2 and an amazingly awesome tutu ... but there is more , its a flashing tutu, and i dont mean flashing as in you bum cheeks , it has a mini cord of fairy lights underneath the skirt material !

Then ther was topshop , i used the last of my christmas voucher ;( . But i did get to get the best thing ever on sale ... a pair of tartan print jean style trousers . I have wanted a pair of tartan jeans  for most of my teenage life . It just channels my  inner punk personality .And , they where such a great price , £10 on sale ( normaly £38 !) .
But there was a little damage to the zip wich i didnt notiice untill coming home

The very end has 2 of the peg/tooth parts missing :(
 I got these super cheap make up sets as well only £1 each (i will review them later in another post ).

And i got my bed sorted out , yay . I have a little single bed now , i had a metallic buckbed  , but the celling and light bulb were  far too close to my head . and the space in my room was far to cramped .

I am going to do a mini DIY post soon too so watch out ! xx

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