Thursday, 21 February 2013

DIY - ( topshop style )lace trim socks !


 So far this half term has been pretty lame ,  mostly i have been sitting in my bedroom watching back to back episodes of My so called life .But at least i had some spare time to make these cute little DIY lace trim socks .

It has really infuriated me , for some time now , how people are willing to pay a ridiculous £3.50 for a pair of socks similar to these at topshop . where as you can pick up a multi pack of socks from primark or tescos for the same price and even less , then just sew on some lace ! BTW lace and ribbon only cost around 30-60 pence per meter
Plus you do not have to be a sewing goddess to make these socks just a few simple steps...

You will need 
  •  needle and thread 
  • ribbon or lace 
  •  a (new pair )of socks 
  • a jar or something to stretch the sock over  *

  1. measure out how much ribbon/ lace you will need . Just check the measurement around your own foot , the first time i cut the ribbon it was to small . If you wish to have a very neat gather make it only just the same as your foot , and if you would like it to look less even use more than you need .
  2. stitch together the ends of the ribbon ,  to look like the photo  below . OR if using lace  skip this step and line up one end of the lace to the back edge of the sock and make a stitch to place it . 

3.     when the ribbon/lace has been stitched on to the sock, continue the stitches around the rest of the sock edge . 
completed pair

 I hope you enjoyed this post , hopefully it made sense and now you can  make them yourself !

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Just some 'lovely' photos......

Kendras craft heart from nersery x

Photos from saturday in the valentines day booth in town .

My cute tin from cancer research ...and heart shaped candels 

 Have a LOVELY day xxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What did i get in the post today !

 Heyya ,

If you didnt know i love american apparel clothes , they come from a good source , not from sweatshops .And they advertise ther products using models of all shapes , sizes and ethnicity show casing there fairly  'basic' clothing in a beautiful way .
But there prices are extreamly high , so people like me cant afford to walk in the shop or order masses online .  I am always hunting for the best prices ,on websites such as amazon and ebay . Did you know that there is an officaial american apparel market on amazon , wich has similar and some times sold out items from the actualy website but at a much , much cheaper sale price !
 Seriously you should check it out :D 

Any ways geting back to the purpose of this post , today i opened my first ever  package from american apparel . And i felt like sharing what i got with you guys .

 Unboxing :

What the bloomers look like on :

Some pictures of my bloomers :
( they do not have the £1 m-l anymore)


I cant believe that skittles had already relased a new set of flavours , and i didn't know about it !, P.S. the green ones taste good :D
  I thought i could get a sneaky treat after school today , i guess its allright because i technically had 3 end of unit assessments today aswell as cheerleading / rockchallenge reherasls !

Pancakes ...yum

Heyya ,

Vegan pancakes are the BEST ! My mother kindly made vegan banana American style pancakes yesterday , they were so fluffy and delicious . We also eat them with banana ice cream and maple syrup ... so GUD xx

So what kind of pancakes did you make ?

Monday, 11 February 2013

I had a great time ..

Heyya ,

so on Friday it was my lovely friend Lucie's birthday . We went to see les miserables the cinema , it was such a great musical . thought there was some points in wicth the policeman  character ,Javert , kept  singing and singing for ages about what is right and wrong , it dragged on for ages , but overall it was a really moving film . And most of my friends where reduced to tears.

Still of Aaron Tveit in Les Misérables Still of Russell Crowe in Les MisérablesStill of Hugh Jackman in Les MisérablesStill of Samantha Barks in Les MisérablesStill of Eddie Redmayne and Samantha Barks in Les MisérablesStill of Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables                  

on Saturday i went shopping with my friends in town , i picked up a few great bargins .like a coat from a charity shop for £4 . its really cute , and looks like a mini version of my friend rachels coat , only downside is that some of the buttons are missing , and th eobes still attached are in quite a shabby condition .
In clares accesories u picked up a little purse for £2 and an amazingly awesome tutu ... but there is more , its a flashing tutu, and i dont mean flashing as in you bum cheeks , it has a mini cord of fairy lights underneath the skirt material !

Then ther was topshop , i used the last of my christmas voucher ;( . But i did get to get the best thing ever on sale ... a pair of tartan print jean style trousers . I have wanted a pair of tartan jeans  for most of my teenage life . It just channels my  inner punk personality .And , they where such a great price , £10 on sale ( normaly £38 !) .
But there was a little damage to the zip wich i didnt notiice untill coming home

The very end has 2 of the peg/tooth parts missing :(
 I got these super cheap make up sets as well only £1 each (i will review them later in another post ).

And i got my bed sorted out , yay . I have a little single bed now , i had a metallic buckbed  , but the celling and light bulb were  far too close to my head . and the space in my room was far to cramped .

I am going to do a mini DIY post soon too so watch out ! xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

yaay clothes !

Heyya , 

the past week has been amazing , i found out that i won a competition* !Also  i bought some lovlys online , recently i have become obsessed with the eBay mobile app , bargains are amazing .I have made some purchase from American apparel , motel rocks and rare London as well , i love the value for money you can get in the sales x
my packages from yesterday !

Surprise items ;)
 I will do some outfit post with the lovely dresses i bought and show you what gave my friend , when she hopefully gets to wear it with me x

But here is just some quick snaps of my motel rocks skirt , absolutely love the fit and print definitely good value for only 99p on eBay with £2 postage !
Plus it still had the tags on so it had never been worn :D
sisters artwork !

 Its one of my besties birthdays tomorrow and we are all going to the cinema :D

Motel rocks 10 % off sale items !

Well this is kind of annoying as i just bought 
something from there sale collection. ;(

  But i didn't pay for postage either i opted for the saver delivery , yet the items still arrived only 3 days after purchase , weird hay!
It lasts untill sunday 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My mother is lovely

 Heyyya , 

I have been quite busy at school lately, practise and mock test ''yay''  , doing cheer leading practise and rock challenge after school today . I am so bad in the rock challenge routine i can even remember basic steps , i have to left feet snm .

But at least when i had walked back home and come in from the warm my lovely mummy had made me some delicious soup with mini croutons !
She is going to hate me for posting this ! xx


 plus i got some packages in the post but i will tell you about that tomorrow :D 

  *Also i actually added something to my flickr account which has been stagnant for absolutely ages !

Monday, 4 February 2013

Win £250 to spend at Urban Outfitters!

Heyya ,

another post today , wow I'm actually being quite pro active . So i have something amazing to share today . I have recently joined a blogger network called E-tailwebstores , they have monthly competitions to win prizes from loved brands such as motel rocks and oh my love xx

This week E-tailwebstores are  they are giving away a massive  £250 to spend at Urban Outfitters!!

If you are interested , which i know i definitely am , all you have to do is go on this linked page , check out the details and sign up its that simple :D 

What are you waiting for , enter ! 
                                                                    Chloe xx

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Heyya , 

 i just had to share this video with you guys . I love animation and seeing videos like this one amaze me how far animation has developed from the earlier beginnings . 
when searching on IMDB about the pixar film up for media course work , i found this interesting piece of trivia , which lead me to this video. Apparently The villain Charles Muntz is named after Charles Mintz, the Universal Pictures executive who in 1928 stole Walt Disney's production rights to his highly-successful "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" cartoon series. This led Walt Disney to create Mickey Mouse, who soon eclipsed Oswald in popularity.
Mickey and Oswald

Trolley Troubles - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

 Walt Disney drew cartoons of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Universal Pictures and Charles Mintz. This was the first of these films which was released to theatres.Obviously it was originally with out sound , but that was added several years later .

Enjoy  xx