Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 3 -2013


well i didn't have the best of weekends , i have been awfully ill :( . But at least i got to have a lot of  rest . I was really looking forward to some posts i had planned to make especially for you guys , but i dint get done due to the fact  i was sleeping pretty much all of the weekend . 
But here are some things of interest from the week .

I bought a new book in the hmv sale , the front cover really Court my attention, it reminded me of the bring me the horizon album cover , that i almost always see on my profile page of most listened artists .And it was only a pound so i thought bargain !

 Also my little sister decided that she wanted to do an outfit of the day . 

Fashion trend : monochrome 
She wears a polka dot long sleeve , with a white lace floral attachment.
Her  inspiration for the outfit is the flower , photographed below ;)

 What did you think of her style ?

Chlo x

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