Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowy weekend

Heyyya ,

Yesterday was such a joke at school , a car crashed into the front gate at break time .Then the head got the right idea, that we should probably all go home , but that in its self caused difficulties as we had to wait around for 40 min until we could leave at 12 . By the time i had walked  home,  i was absolutely freezing cold . Not Fun :( , but at least i got a nice sleep !

Another thing that made me happy yesterday , was my present from two of my bests friends . It was really late because they ordered it from Japan .
I will give you some clues ...   
  • Its cute 
  • Its yellow
  • Its cheeky 

IT'S A Pikachu Onesie

  As you can tell i got a little bit excited :D

  Its so lovely and warm , and is great for wearing in the house on cold days . Plus makes your little sister love you that little bit extra .

Then later on my mum helped me by taking some photos of my outfit for a lookbook post .

So here are the pictures from  my mini photo shoot in the snow...

velvet blazer - charity shop 
Tee- Camden lock
skirt- h&m
purse - clairs ( about 3 years ago)
spike bracelet - won in giveaway
creepers- ebay   

If you like this style of post please comment , I'm trying out new things , that are fun and can make my blog more interesting for you ( the readers) .

Chloé xx

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