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Online sales best picks ...

Heyya ,

So this year i have noticed that there hasnt been very many good deals or perticularly nice items on most websites . I was looking forward to buying something nice , with the money i have saved :(

But i did manage to spot these items ( though i proberly will not buy any of them !)....

Image 3 of Pieces Becky Pearl Bracelet

 This bracelet is absolutly stunning , and only £4 on asos . if you know me then you will know that i have an obsession with pearls and gothic elegance pieces . Here are some of my favourites from asos :
Image 1 of ASOS Lace Pearl Bib NecklaceImage 1 of ASOS Gothic Cross Suspender Tights
 Gorgeous Lace Pearl Necklace          and           Gothic Cross Suspender Tights
  Image 1 of ASOS Pearl Frame Cameo NecklaceImage 3 of Just Acces Triple Ear Cuff SetImage 1 of ASOS Pack of Two Running Man Ear Cuff

 I love cameo necklaces ! + different ear cuff sets 



This website was definitely the cheapest of the 5 website i have looked at , as the false shopping cart i made , with 6 items , came to a total of £64.35 , with one of the items being priced at £26 !


Zelia Velvet Crop Top In BurgundyZiva Shiny Peplum Top In BlackKadira Shiny Disco Pants In GreenLeea V Strap Around Suspender TightsTarana Cape Top In GreyBridiee Large Dogtooth Print Crop Top

 So here is what i looked at . starting from the left is a velvet crop top , in Burgundy , this is a lovely colour and i like the cut , but it comes in s/m so i don think it would look like it does on the model on myself :( . But i could start a trend of baggy crop tops! 
 As a rule i don't generally like peplum tops , just the way i comes out at the middle . It never seemed to be a flattering fit , but as times goes by we all change are opinions on things , so i guess they wouldn't be that bad to try out .
DISCO PANTS !  I absolutely love disco pants , but they have become so common , as i have seen more and more people in my town wearing them , knock offs of course , but none the less still styling one of my favourite pieces  . This pair , seen in the middle is very different though because they are a lovely glossy green colour . its one of those yay or nay colours , because it could end up looking absolutely awful . Though clothes are about self expression and we can wear what we feel comfortable in .

Skull Boobs Crop Long Sleeve T-shirt  

from Lazy Oaf 

Lazy Oaf Skull Boobs Crop Long Sleeve T-shirt Additional Image 1

This has a wonderful grungy vibe .I like how the model wear this crop top , and it would be great for the transition between spring and summer . But for £20, including the discount , i feel as if this is hardly worth the money.

  Other item on there page include ..

 This cute note book for £2


Wow there deals are buy far the greatest , and the products they have on sale all look amazing . Here are my personal favourites , i am going to ask my dad if he can buy me some of these for my birthday* . plus if the discounted prices where not enough they have 20% off for students plus on many other bloggers have 20% off codes , and if you haven't bought something from them before they offer a £10 new customer code ! 
Only £12 !

 You can buy these for £ 15 !

 Plus these for £18 
I think that the items from motel rocks are my favourite plus  the accessories from asos !
 :) Please comment which items you liked the most ,  and any bargains you picked up in the sales ! xx

* I cant wait untill tomorrow, its my birthday :)  .I am going to london with my best friends , its going to be so much fun . I will have a massive post about what happened in a couple of days !


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