Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Birthday ! (01/05/13)

Heyya , 
 apologies for not posting about this earlier , but i had family over and was busy catching up with art homework , also i came back to school today .

Because it was my birthday my friends and i went on a shopping trip to London . We went to my favourite stores  American apparel , topshop , H&M and also browsed urban outfitters and la sensa on oxford street. To bad that i didnt get the things i wanted from american apparel , due to the prices not being the same online :(

Then went for a yonder down regent street .I went to holister for the first time ever , not a pleasant experience , to over crowded , dark , random staff constantly asking if they can help you buy a pair of underwear that costs more than the clothes you are wearing !

But i did get to feel at home in Camden , the atmosphere is completely different there , plus its much cheaper and you can haggle bargains with stall holders . Another mentionable thing that happened was that  my friend Rachel misplaced her phone .But thankfully Lucie(other friend) called it ,then ran back to Rokit , the shop she had left it in , and retrieved it !

I look proper scary in this picture !

 Kelly  and  Rachel x

                                                   Breanna's cool panoramic shot with Rachel's nose!

Breanna, Lucie,Kelly,me,Rachel

These photos where taken by Breanna , thanks x

So here is the exciting part , what did i buy ? 


Well as said in my Christmas post my untie gave me a £25 topshop voucher , which is a great amount because i spent £15 at the giant oxford street shop . I do kind of wish that i took the advantage and purged on a more expensivee item that i came across , but then i thought to myself no because it isn't reallyworth buying . any ways here is what i bought ...
Floral bralet £7!

 This bag was so cheap because of cosmetic fault , there where some marks on the side . Such a great deal only needs to be wiped clean !


I saw some metallic purses and mini bags in here as well , but i decided not to get them at the tills .These items were  a good deal , the bag was originaly £20 and the dress was about £15 .

I have been to camden before with Rachel , but going with all the girls was great ! I bought several nice t-shirts , cute rings and bracelts.
Tee - £7.50 , Ring - 69p , Green nail polish - birthday present
La mort clothing 
This T- shirt was such a good deal i bought mine with breanna , so i only paid £12.50 ! , 2 tees for £25 . and rachel got one for £8 because it was on sale . Really friendly girl sold them to us , check out there online store .

Rachel when crazy in rokit , we were all trying on the high waisted shorts . There was one pair on sale for £8 , but the black and regular denim pairs that i liked were very expensive , £24 each !  

And also from some smaller market stalls i picket up little gems that i can give to people for their birthdays so i will not post pictures of them , to keep them a surprise to my friends and family !

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Chloé  xx

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