Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013 ...

Heyya , 

I hope that  you all had a great new years , and did not get up to to much mayhem on the night . I spent the evening at home , but my parents still managed to keep me up into the early hours ( 4.30am) with the sheer magnitude of the speakers downstairs ,vibrating the whole house !

To start off 2013 on my blog ,i have decided not to tell you what i am wishing to do /to do better than last year . But simply say this year is going to be amazing , i have a gut feeling about it . Even though during the countdown i went into a sort of teenage meltdown and started crying, why do i do these things she asks ...

But anyway i have great expectations for this year lets just leave it at that .. ;)

 *Oh and also a little shout out to my cousin , who celebraated her 21st birthday today ! xx

Chloé . w x

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