Saturday, 19 January 2013

Harry potter studios- media trip ! (part 1)

Heyya , 
so as i have  said before my media studies class,  at school,  when on a trip to the Warner bro studio Harry Potter tour   on Thursday 17th . It was amazing to be in the same place that many talented people had been over the last 11 years creating the magic that is harry potter . But they would have never have made  such amazing films with out the creative genius J. K. Rowling , author of the original books.
I am just going to show you some pictures from the studios  . :)

Enterance to the chamber of secrets.

number 4 privet drive

woo flying car !
 The gift shop VERY EXPENSIVE !

They had the real ear wax and vomit flavours, eww.

Chocolate frogs, like in the film comes with famous wizard card

Honeydukes sweets.

 I also have some videos so ill put them in a different post as this one is getting quite long x 

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