Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Casual update

Heyya , 
 i have been having fun over the past week , even though I'm back at school ;) .
 I bought a lovely purple sparkely bracelet from bhs,  last week after visiting the dentist . Its kind of funny because i had my first ever filing , the decay is proberly due to my obsession with fruits and sweet things ! , but it wasnt to deep so gladly,   i didnt need to take any anaesthetic .

 I am super HYPED for my media studies trip tomorrow , to HARRY POTTER STUDIOS ! !!!
To get my self in the mood i am going to watch one of the films in bed , whilst finishing my R.E homework .so tomorrow hopefully i will had a post on how it went with lots of pictures xx
Plus rachel has invited me over at the weekend , then it is my friends birthday on Monday and she has invited myself and a few other to go out for a meal.

I still cant believe HMV has closed , hopefully the company will get bought and still be running . There will literally be no physical shops to get decent music from .And i also feel for the thousands of people who will lose there jobs :(


I m thinking about doing a give away soon , because i love entering them and you can see who the nice people are that visit your blog .

bye xx

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