Wednesday, 30 January 2013

vegan - cashew spread

 Hello , 

 Yesterday evening i finally had some spare time , to attempt a trial version of a nutty vegan spread ,  that  i have been craving to make  for some time now . My recipe is so simple that it only uses 3 ingredients ! Plus that means its super nutritious and guilt free .The only other thing that you will definitely need is a food processor . we were lucky enough to have been given an old one from someone , which means my family can use and create loads of great  recipes with ease .
 As it was a first attempt i cannot guarantee that mixture will be consistent with the quantities but I'm sure you can test out how it works best for you .

Now for the three special ingredients:

  • 100g dates 
  • 2 handfuls or 1 cup raw cashew nuts 
 and for a lovely coco taste ,
  • 1-2 tbsp green and blacks coco powder ( or any other brand you have) 
You will also need a medium sized jar .

firstly you will need to organise your equipment , and working space .


you will have to put a little in a time , of the nuts with just one or two days to start . then gradually continue adding more nuts  whilst pulsing the mixture . it should look something like this , with the dates added and blended in as well ...

I you would like to add another yummy dimension to the flavour, add 1-2 tbsp of coco powder , with a pinch of salt if required 


 this is now ready to put in the jar and is good to keep in the refrigerator for up to 4 days , enjoy !

Chloé x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

She ate the average teenager .

Heyya ,

this is just a little post with photographs from last week , when it was cold and icy out side , and i thought that doing a little Photography would make things more intersting .I got a bit to excited with my round sunglasses .
 Enjoy x

snake eyes :O

I like this one the best x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 3 -2013


well i didn't have the best of weekends , i have been awfully ill :( . But at least i got to have a lot of  rest . I was really looking forward to some posts i had planned to make especially for you guys , but i dint get done due to the fact  i was sleeping pretty much all of the weekend . 
But here are some things of interest from the week .

I bought a new book in the hmv sale , the front cover really Court my attention, it reminded me of the bring me the horizon album cover , that i almost always see on my profile page of most listened artists .And it was only a pound so i thought bargain !

 Also my little sister decided that she wanted to do an outfit of the day . 

Fashion trend : monochrome 
She wears a polka dot long sleeve , with a white lace floral attachment.
Her  inspiration for the outfit is the flower , photographed below ;)

 What did you think of her style ?

Chlo x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WOO .. music time !

Heyya ,

Bring Me The horizon are releasing a new album titled Sempiternal , on 29 April 2013.

Im such a innocent mind when it comes to words and phrases, so being me I literaly just typed meaning in google ,and this is what it came up with :

Eternal and unchanging; everlasting.
eternal - everlasting - perpetual - perennial - timeless

As an avid listener of there music , this is exciting for me . I have been waiting patiently for some new material and i think that it might have been worth the wait .Just a bit impatient now to hear the rest of the album  !

Check out the latest video that has been released off the album , its called shadow mosse

 From this track alone i can say they have probably done it again , developed another @$*%ing awesome album , to follow up ......

There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret


 PLUS  i just had to squeeze in my Guys Enter Shikari ,with  this  video for Hello Tyrannosaurus Meet Tyrannicide !


P.s. not suitable for sufferers of epilepsy :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowy weekend

Heyyya ,

Yesterday was such a joke at school , a car crashed into the front gate at break time .Then the head got the right idea, that we should probably all go home , but that in its self caused difficulties as we had to wait around for 40 min until we could leave at 12 . By the time i had walked  home,  i was absolutely freezing cold . Not Fun :( , but at least i got a nice sleep !

Another thing that made me happy yesterday , was my present from two of my bests friends . It was really late because they ordered it from Japan .
I will give you some clues ...   
  • Its cute 
  • Its yellow
  • Its cheeky 

IT'S A Pikachu Onesie

  As you can tell i got a little bit excited :D

  Its so lovely and warm , and is great for wearing in the house on cold days . Plus makes your little sister love you that little bit extra .

Then later on my mum helped me by taking some photos of my outfit for a lookbook post .

So here are the pictures from  my mini photo shoot in the snow...

velvet blazer - charity shop 
Tee- Camden lock
skirt- h&m
purse - clairs ( about 3 years ago)
spike bracelet - won in giveaway
creepers- ebay   

If you like this style of post please comment , I'm trying out new things , that are fun and can make my blog more interesting for you ( the readers) .

Chloé xx

Harry potter studios- media trip ! (part 1)

Heyya , 
so as i have  said before my media studies class,  at school,  when on a trip to the Warner bro studio Harry Potter tour   on Thursday 17th . It was amazing to be in the same place that many talented people had been over the last 11 years creating the magic that is harry potter . But they would have never have made  such amazing films with out the creative genius J. K. Rowling , author of the original books.
I am just going to show you some pictures from the studios  . :)

Enterance to the chamber of secrets.

number 4 privet drive

woo flying car !
 The gift shop VERY EXPENSIVE !

They had the real ear wax and vomit flavours, eww.

Chocolate frogs, like in the film comes with famous wizard card

Honeydukes sweets.

 I also have some videos so ill put them in a different post as this one is getting quite long x 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Casual update

Heyya , 
 i have been having fun over the past week , even though I'm back at school ;) .
 I bought a lovely purple sparkely bracelet from bhs,  last week after visiting the dentist . Its kind of funny because i had my first ever filing , the decay is proberly due to my obsession with fruits and sweet things ! , but it wasnt to deep so gladly,   i didnt need to take any anaesthetic .

 I am super HYPED for my media studies trip tomorrow , to HARRY POTTER STUDIOS ! !!!
To get my self in the mood i am going to watch one of the films in bed , whilst finishing my R.E homework .so tomorrow hopefully i will had a post on how it went with lots of pictures xx
Plus rachel has invited me over at the weekend , then it is my friends birthday on Monday and she has invited myself and a few other to go out for a meal.

I still cant believe HMV has closed , hopefully the company will get bought and still be running . There will literally be no physical shops to get decent music from .And i also feel for the thousands of people who will lose there jobs :(


I m thinking about doing a give away soon , because i love entering them and you can see who the nice people are that visit your blog .

bye xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Birthday presents xx

Heyya , 

 i posted a late my birthday post , so i thought i would also show you guys what my friends and family gave me !

My lovely mummy gave me ..

 My amazing father gave me ...

 Rachel gave me ...


My awesome neighbours gave me .. 
I am so thankfull for all these gifts and i was not expecting to get so much , and  i love all my other family and friends very much , whom i have not mentioned in this post  xxx
 Thanks for being there for me and helping to make this years birthday extra special :D

love Chloé  

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Birthday ! (01/05/13)

Heyya , 
 apologies for not posting about this earlier , but i had family over and was busy catching up with art homework , also i came back to school today .

Because it was my birthday my friends and i went on a shopping trip to London . We went to my favourite stores  American apparel , topshop , H&M and also browsed urban outfitters and la sensa on oxford street. To bad that i didnt get the things i wanted from american apparel , due to the prices not being the same online :(

Then went for a yonder down regent street .I went to holister for the first time ever , not a pleasant experience , to over crowded , dark , random staff constantly asking if they can help you buy a pair of underwear that costs more than the clothes you are wearing !

But i did get to feel at home in Camden , the atmosphere is completely different there , plus its much cheaper and you can haggle bargains with stall holders . Another mentionable thing that happened was that  my friend Rachel misplaced her phone .But thankfully Lucie(other friend) called it ,then ran back to Rokit , the shop she had left it in , and retrieved it !

I look proper scary in this picture !

 Kelly  and  Rachel x

                                                   Breanna's cool panoramic shot with Rachel's nose!

Breanna, Lucie,Kelly,me,Rachel

These photos where taken by Breanna , thanks x

So here is the exciting part , what did i buy ? 


Well as said in my Christmas post my untie gave me a £25 topshop voucher , which is a great amount because i spent £15 at the giant oxford street shop . I do kind of wish that i took the advantage and purged on a more expensivee item that i came across , but then i thought to myself no because it isn't reallyworth buying . any ways here is what i bought ...
Floral bralet £7!

 This bag was so cheap because of cosmetic fault , there where some marks on the side . Such a great deal only needs to be wiped clean !


I saw some metallic purses and mini bags in here as well , but i decided not to get them at the tills .These items were  a good deal , the bag was originaly £20 and the dress was about £15 .

I have been to camden before with Rachel , but going with all the girls was great ! I bought several nice t-shirts , cute rings and bracelts.
Tee - £7.50 , Ring - 69p , Green nail polish - birthday present
La mort clothing 
This T- shirt was such a good deal i bought mine with breanna , so i only paid £12.50 ! , 2 tees for £25 . and rachel got one for £8 because it was on sale . Really friendly girl sold them to us , check out there online store .

Rachel when crazy in rokit , we were all trying on the high waisted shorts . There was one pair on sale for £8 , but the black and regular denim pairs that i liked were very expensive , £24 each !  

And also from some smaller market stalls i picket up little gems that i can give to people for their birthdays so i will not post pictures of them , to keep them a surprise to my friends and family !

If you found this post interesting please comment below  and follow my blog for more post like this xx 

Chloé  xx