Monday, 3 December 2012

30 day christmas challenge : day 1, 2 and 3..

Day 1: Favourite Christmas song and why?

My favourite Christmas song is  winter wonderland  , because of all the memories it brings back of previous years x
I also enjoy .. 
NOW Christmas
and for alternative / metal fans i highly recommend August Burns Red Christmas . some of these tracks are just so crazy xx

Day 2: Favourite Christmas movie and why?
 home alone , because i just love the kevin character , he is so cute . But the naravite is a bit out there , what desent family would actualy leave there 9 year old 'home alone' .
I also love its a wonderful life , wich my family traditionaly watch every year on christmas eve . 
also .. 
  • Elf 
  • The nightmare before Christmas 
  • The Grinch 
  • The polar express 
  •  Original charlie and the chocolate factrory - just because if all the candy and singing
  • Barbie nutcracker - my grandma gave it to me at Christmas, and it is one of my earliest memories of joy :) 
+plus i need to see gremlins again   


Day 3: Hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
Well i have never drank hot apple cider , and am not quite sure what it tastes like , so i would have to go with hot chocolate . But some times i don't really like hot chocolate , as it can be too sweet ,but occasional it is alright .


  1. home alone is the bees knees!! But you're right about his family - they scare me a bit!!
    thanks for that alternative christmas album!! i shall be checking that out after work!



    1. Great , thanks for commenting on my post.
      What are your other favourite christmas films ? xx