Thursday, 27 December 2012

Im actually quite forgetful...

Heyya ,
 i just had to say this before the new year , a few weeks ago i won a giveaway, that i had entered a on kate's blog  .First prize was a £20 Gift Card to spend at ,and the 2nd prize was three items of jewellery.

 I came second place and this is the jewllery she sent ..


thanks kate x

 Getting back to this week now , here are some pictures of what i have wore in the holiday ...

sparkely legging that my friend gave me x

Proud to be a enter shikari lion

 *Obviously these where taken on my phone so they are not very good quality x

Bye xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry christmas .. xxx

Heyyya ,

 I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas , 2012 !

 Here are some pictures from today .. 
 Well to start with ,the teddy bear on the right was my present to Kendra . I have to say that i did a good job finding this as she absolutely loves it ! Its an extra special doodle bear , that means that she can get creative and draw all over the bear with the pens supplied , then all we have to do is pop it in the washing machine for it to be clean as new :) . Another great feature with the bear is that it is glow in the dark and comes with a special glow , UV light pen .
 The there is my breakfast in the top left corner , i know it does not seem very exciting or christmasy for that matter. But as i have cinnamon spiced porridge almost every day i wanted to have a pleasant change. My mother kindly bought some dairy free chocolate spread in sainsburys yesterday ,as a Christmas treat ,which was in my ciabatta . Then i blissfully sipped away at a cup of  hazelnut infused coffee , which was actually a gift to my mother ;) ,with alpro hazelnut milk .We also watched Nightmare before Christmas , such a classic , my mother forgot how disturbing it was , heehee all you've got to do is laugh !

 Woo , presents from my besties and good friends . And a lovely £25 Topshop gift voucher from my Auntie , thank-you Auntie  . I will post more about these items in a post soon x
 I really was not expecting anything from my parents , because i have already had my gift of going to see Enter Shikari . But my mummy and daddy kindly bought me some books , Pokemon annual ( thanks mummy) , fimo clay , skeleton gloves , a note book and scrabble !
Kendra and myself had a mini game whilst watching Aladdin on TV ! Aha nothing beats watching Disney classics with your younger sibling on Christmas morning x
And here is what my very kind neighbours gave me , i cant wait to have a lovely relaxing bath and enjoy the pure lushness of these bath bombs , the use my new hair wrap after .

A massive thank-you to everyone who gave me a gift or card xx
Happy Holidays .. Chloé xx 
Now its time for me to Zzz

Monday, 17 December 2012


WWWWOOOOOO, this is the link to an actual video of enter shikari where i am in the audience !!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Wow this is getting old chloe ...

 Heyya ,

I am so sorry for not keeping my posts regular , and up to date , but i have had a lot of school work recently. And have been doing loads of things,  that have taken out of my blogging time X

 Here is my , late again , 30 day Christmas challenge posts ...
  • Day 10: Kissing under the mistletoe…have you done it?
  • NOPE. Apart from my mummy ,but that does not count ;)

  • Day 11: What kind of Christmas tree do you have?
  • We don't actually have it up yet , but my family has a synthetic Christmas tree . It looks very tired , as we have had it for over 10 years , but it does the job fine . Our house is to small for a real tree , maby by next year we would have moved house  , and can have a real tree!

  • Day 12: Do you take part in secret Santa?
  • Now this is a funny story , last year my friends in my form decided that we should do a secret Santa . But when we were given the names of who we had , we all either switched people or told the recipient that they were the given. Our plans never do quite work out as planned , but it managed to turn out really well in the end , it proves how strong our friendship is xx

  • Day 13: Have you ever had a white Christmas? If yes, do you ever want to have Christmas without snow and vice versa.
  • Last year , and the year before i guess you could class as white christmas' , but i have never actualy been out whilst it was snowing on Christmas day . I think that apart from being almost impossible for no snow in the winter ( Christmas ) period , it definitely would not be the same . The magical experience when cold wet snow first touches a child's check , to your first snow day off school . definitelyy child hood and life would not be the same with out these experiences / encounters with true natural beauty and wonder xx

  • Day 14: How many Christmas card do you usually send out? 
  • I cant remember how many last year , just the people that i see everyday and some family members and neighbours . But i have made some for my friends at Lucie's house on friday evening with Rachel  x
  • Day 15: Have you started Christmas stocking yet?
  • Definitely yes , over the last week i have been making and ordering/ purchasing items for my loved ones . But it is also important to give to people outside your world ,like investing in people through micro financing , seen in the widget bar below  . Also at school they were asking for canned goods , donations for those with out food thought the holidays . 
   These images are sourced from Google search  .       
Bye xx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 9

Heyya ,

     Sorry about being so late with these posts , been very busy this weekend . Yesterday i did my 10 mile duke of Edinburgh ppractise walk . I was not very tired at the time , but an hour after i got back i went to sleep and did not wake up until 10 am today !

Here is my missed 30 day christmas challenge posts ... 

  • Day 6: who is your favourite reindeer?
  • Well that's a silly question , Rudolph obviously ! My little sister is going to be reindeer in her pre-school Christmas play , she is going to be so cute. I will post a picture of her in her costume soonx
  • Day 7: Have you been naughty or nice this year? 
  • If I'm talking to Santa , the yes i have been a very nice girl this year ;) But i cant promise the same if my mother is asking ! 
  • Day 8: What is your favourite food at Christmas time?
  • I absolulty love cabbages ( steamed red cabbage ) yum ,and of course ginger bread men , marzipan and CARROTS WITH PARSNIPS !
  • Day 9: What are you doing for Christmas this year?
  • As with every year i spend my time with my wonderful family, and enjoy  the chilled vibes at home ! 

How do you spend your christmas ? xx



cheack out ..

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 5:

Day 5: Favourite Christmas memory

Hummm , thats a tricky one ;) !
Well i guess i would have to say christmas '09 , because that was the year my little sister was born . And i remember that day like it was yesturday , she had her first ever solid food meal , it was a really gross looking watery poridge . But she absolutly enjoyed it and gave the biggest ever smile xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 4:

Day 4: Does your family have any traditions?

Well as said before , we all watch its a wonderfull life on christmas eve . But something i dont think many people do, is opening a small present in the late evening of christmas eve . I have done this since before i can remember and my mother said that she did it when she was young . 

would it not be wonderfull to have a scene like these in your own living room ...


Monday, 3 December 2012

30 day christmas challenge : day 1, 2 and 3..

Day 1: Favourite Christmas song and why?

My favourite Christmas song is  winter wonderland  , because of all the memories it brings back of previous years x
I also enjoy .. 
NOW Christmas
and for alternative / metal fans i highly recommend August Burns Red Christmas . some of these tracks are just so crazy xx

Day 2: Favourite Christmas movie and why?
 home alone , because i just love the kevin character , he is so cute . But the naravite is a bit out there , what desent family would actualy leave there 9 year old 'home alone' .
I also love its a wonderful life , wich my family traditionaly watch every year on christmas eve . 
also .. 
  • Elf 
  • The nightmare before Christmas 
  • The Grinch 
  • The polar express 
  •  Original charlie and the chocolate factrory - just because if all the candy and singing
  • Barbie nutcracker - my grandma gave it to me at Christmas, and it is one of my earliest memories of joy :) 
+plus i need to see gremlins again   


Day 3: Hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
Well i have never drank hot apple cider , and am not quite sure what it tastes like , so i would have to go with hot chocolate . But some times i don't really like hot chocolate , as it can be too sweet ,but occasional it is alright .