Tuesday, 6 November 2012

(The Royal Horseguards hotel - Bonfire Night)

Hello ,

The two days i have had back so far, have not been as bad as i thought they would be . My teachers have been mellow as well as my piers . But one thing i will have to moan about ( sorry) is the freezing cold weather , though i know this is just the start of what will be a very long winter .

At least there is CHRISTMAS to look forward to , and its only in 7 weeks time ! 




Today i tryed on the topshop disco pants , despite what others have said , they really did not suite my body . Although the size 6 fit me perfectly , i do not think they look as flatering on shorter frames as they would on a taller counter type .


And also today i got my monthly wallpaper magazine , but my auntie actualy hand delivered it to me . Surprise visit much ! More on the contense later on in the week ...

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