Thursday, 15 November 2012

Inspiration for DIY projects.

Hey , 

So today i got back my school photo proof picture , it looks so bad , my face looks really awkward , which i was feeling at the time . I don't think my mum should waste her money on it !


 On another note i am really loving some DIY ideas that i have seen and ones that i am imagining right now .

Have you seen over the weekend these photos of rhianna at a victoria secret fashion show ?Did you know that these oval sunglasses are classic channel ,  first appearing on the spring runway in 1994 .They retail at around
I am always  umming and ahhring about  rhianna , as some of the things she does are a bit confussing ( like recording a song with that woman beater chris brown ) , and the fact that she is not a true artist , e.g. her songs are written for her and the record company proberly tells her to act a certain way, to give her image , wich can be rathe trampy at times . But then the other half of me is just in love with some of the fashion statements and trends that she starts , and it is interesting to see her evolution ,and how its effected the image of  her audience  e.g. teenager / 20 somethings .

more  inspirational photos ..

Bye .. Chloe xx

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